Unloading the Anagama

Well we finally got to unload our anagama kiln at Morean Clay.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how the firing went.  We had made so many changes to the kiln that it was almost like firing a brand new kiln. And as most new wood kilns go, the first couple of firings are going to give you the most information.  We got some gorgeous pieces and we had a few spots that could have gotten a little hotter.  But even in the cooler areas, the color was still really nice.  I think we're right on track and excited to fire again in January and then again in May.  For those that are interested, we will be having an anagama firing workshop with Chris Gustin, John Balistreri, Bede Clarke and Matt Long for our January firing.  I can't wait to fire this beast again and really get this kiln dialed in.  Here are a few of my pieces that were unloaded today.