Anagama Kiln

We start loading our Anagama kiln at Morean Center for Clay this Wednesday, October 8th.  I am super excited to start firing this kiln on a regular basis.  It's been close to a year and half the last time this bad boy was fired because it has been needing some tender loving care.  Over the last 4 months or so, we have taken the layer of mud and soft bricks down to the hard brick, filled any and all cracks with castable, put two inches of fiber blanket over the hard bricks, put a layer of soft bricks down on top of the fiber, then coated the whole kiln with stucco.  After that we took the chimney all the way down, and shortened the tunnel from the chamber to the chimney by three feet, added a sutema  between the chamber and chimney to help stabilize the firing and built the chimney back up with a smaller dimension at the base.  It has been a ton of work and I can't wait too see how it fires.  Our anagama is 22 feet long, 5 feet wide at it's widest and about 5 feet tall at it's tallest, it's safe to say that this kiln requires a crew of people to help get the job done.  It's a beast of a kiln and we're hoping to start firing it quarterly.  These are also firings that we want to start reaching out to community with more.  We have students from St. Pete College coming over to fire, Trevor Dunn and a couple of students from Norther Florida University as well as some local potters will be putting their work in and assisting with some stoking.  Hopefully this grows into an event that people really look forward to participating in.

New Website

So bare with me a little as I start to piece together this website.  I had a website way back in 2009 and I let it expire.  I wasn't too comfortable with putting work out on the internet that I didn't feel was quite ready for viewing.  I finally feel like I have started to put together a much more cohesive body of work and feel like I have way more control over the kilns that I fire.  So with that said, I do still have more work that I want to put on this website and don't feel like it is quite finished yet, but I am excited to finally be able to put my work out there besides only on facebook and instagram.  I'm hoping to keep this blog going and help keep people informed on what it is that is going on in my ceramic life.  Feel free to send me some feedback on the site.  I hope you find it interesting and user friendly.