Matt Schiemann            Integrating Line, Volume and Form

This workshop will focus on combing the elements of line, volume and form to create functional wheel thrown pottery.  Participants in this workshop will learn a variety of different forming methods, altering wheel thrown objects, pulling handles, incorporating attachments and addressing the functionality of the object.  Questions on aesthetics will be addressed (proportions, balance, line integration etc.) during the demonstration and a discussion on how to resolve these complications.  There will be other discussions on how to set your self up for success in the studio, such as; choosing the appropriate clay body and glazes, how to effectively set up your studio, marketing with social media as well as selling strategies.  These demonstrations and discussions will help to motivate the participants and get them excited to be back in the studio.

Wood firing workshops are also an available option for workshops. Discussions on the appropriate clays, slips and terra sigillatas to use in the wood kiln will be addressed.  Participants will learn a variety of different kiln loading theories as well as different types of wadding, shells and other ways to stilt their work while leaving an aesthetically pleasing mark on the object.

These styles of workshops can work well for either hands on workshops or demonstration based workshops.  All workshops can/will include a slide lecture on personal work and influences.  Other optional lectures can include ceramic history, marketing strategies and as well as group or one one critiques.  Workshop fees are $500 a day for demonstration or hands-on, travel accommodations including food and housing are the responsibility of the institution.  Workshops that are requiring a multi day firing and/or demonstration or hands-on can be negotiated.






Carbon Trap Soda Firing at Arrowmont

SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

This workshop begins with discussions on slips and glazes for the soda kiln and the approach for loading the kiln. During class students focus on wheel thrown pottery with an emphasis on making handles, lids and spouts. Demonstrations include how to make work for an atmospheric kiln. Other discussions include marketing, working with galleries, and how to publish your work. Students bring to the workshop cone 10 porcelain or stoneware bisque pottery. Open to all skill levels.


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Soda Firing and Throwing Demonstration at Companion Gallery

October 2018

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